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my main interest overall can be best described as the interface and synergy between the molecular world and the computer world, the prime manifestation of which is called molecular nanotechnology. i want to help turn today's silicon valley into tomorrow's carbon valley :-)

i am a senior associate of the Foresight Institute, which has as a charter the promotion of awareness and understanding of nanotechnology and other future high-impact technologies.

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in october 2000, i co-founded a startup company named molecubotics inc., the goal of which is to build a first biotech-based assembler, a molecular robot that can assemble products more complex than itself. we almost got funded, but due to the stock market crash, the investor decided to not go ahead after all, in january 2001. ever since, it has been a really bad time for trying to raise funding. good leads to investors interested in funding an early stage company with an exceptional long term potential are welcome. in the meantime, we have placed some of our older ideas on our www site, which the research community might find interesting.

last updated april 12 2002