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kr's lisp page

on this page, I will start to collect pointers to lisp stuff i find interesting.

CMU LISP repository
CMUCL for Linux !
scsh , the Scheme shell.
CLIM-2.0 manual

in may and june 2001, i spent quite a while to get this save-object stuff to run on CMUCL and SBCL. save-object serializes, i.e. writes out, arbitrary LISP data structures, very similar to what the "pickle" operation does in the scripting language python. this is the current file, as of 010622: save-object-10.2.lisp

some local manuals, for my own reference:
Harlequin ANSI-CL HyperSpec.
CLtL2 manual.
CMUCL tutorials, probably rather outdated.

last updated June 22 2001
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